10 Easy Barbecue Hacks

Here are 10 easy  barbeque hacks to get the grilling season off to a great start:

1. Soaking the skewers in water for about 10 minutes, before you put the meat on them, will eliminate them from burning. 

2. The best, natural way to clean your barbecue is with an onion. Cut your onion in half and rub it downwards on the heated grate.

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3. Use muffin tins for condiments. This makes it easier to clean following the barbecue and will allow you to carry it in one hand.

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Photo Credit: Life Hacker

4. To create a mess-free barbecue rub,  use a jar with a lid to coat your food.

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Photo Credit: HellmansUK

5. Put rosemary directly over the hot charcoal for flavour. As a bonus rosemary is a natural mosquito repellant and will make your backyard smell great!

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6. Spiral cut your hotdogs for a perfect crisp exterior and a juicy interior. This also provides more crevices for the condiments to go in.

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Photo Credit: Momversation

 7. Use 2 skewers instead of one to keep the pieces of meat from moving or rotating as you flip them on the grill.

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8. Put 100% apple juice in a spray container and periodically spray meat while grilling to improve colour, flavour, and tenderness.

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Photo Credit: IrixGuy'sAdventureChannelYouTube

9. If you are in a rush, cook your meat half way in the microwave first then finish with grilling to improve colour and flavour.

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10. Grill fish on a bed of lemon slices to reduce the chances of it sticking or falling through the grill. It will also add moisture and provide a hint of citrus.

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Photo Credit: WGal