5 Interesting Facts About Poppies

"In Flanders Fields the poppies blow... Between the crosses row on row."
John McCrae

1. The poppy began to spread in Europe after the soils in France and Belgium had large amounts of lime left over from the rubble during the First World War. This also caused the flowers to grow around the grave sites of the war dead.

2. Not all poppies are red. They also come in yellow, orange, and other colours.


3. Poppies are considered a symbol of both sleep and death. According to Greek and Roman mythology, poppies were used on tombstones to symbolize eternal sleep. They also symbolize the blood for fallen soldiers on the battlefields of war.


4. During World War One, the poppies disappeared because of the trampling and bombing of the battlefields. The destruction actually stopped them from growing for four full seasons. After the war was over the poppy began to bloom again. According to reports this historical growth was spectacular, with 2,500 poppy seeds per square foot found.


5. The Poppy Campaign in Canada was inspired by Canadian Colonel John McCrae's famous poem In Flanders Fields and by American Moina Michael who pledged a year prior to wear a poppy as a symbol of the fallen.


Written by Devon MacPherson from #TeamFrankie