5 Teen Gardening Projects

Although we have already shared an article on 'Cool Ideas for Gardening with Kids' we thought we should also post some ideas for teen gardening projects as well. Although we often focus on getting children back into the garden, it is just as important to get teens growing. Here are some great ideas to get started:

1. Neon Garden

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When you look at teen fashion and decor trends you see surges of neon everywhere, so why not bring their love of bright colours into the garden as well? Some of the ways you can do this is through brightly coloured cactus, neon dipped flower pots and surrounding tiny succulents with neon rocks in mini pots. Some varieties of Dahlias, Zinnias, Gladiolus, Cornflowers, Gomphrena, Delphinium, Cosmos and Snapdragons also come in neon colours for your teen to plant in the garden.

2. Terrarium Gardens

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Terrarium gardens are all the rage and a great choice for teens. Don't forget to try out hanging terrariums as well for a different look.

3. Community Gardens

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In many high schools there is a requirement for teens to complete at least 40 hours of community service. One great way for teens to log their necessary hours is to get involved in community gardens. A simple Google search should help you to find community gardening projects in your area, but here are some other links as well to get you started: York Region Community Garden Network (YRCGN), Toronto Community Garden Network (TCGN), and Sustain Ontario Community Garden Network. Encourage your teen to get their friends involved as well, because this age group thrives on social and group interaction.

4. Create an Edible Garden

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Encourage your teen to look through a recipe book and grow some of the items needed to make that dish. By growing their own food supply your teen will have a greater appreciation of the work that goes into their favourite fruits and vegetables. This will also give them the opportunity to improve their cooking skills.

5. Upcycled Garden

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Teens love to repurpose items, so let their creativity run wild by challenging them to create garden projects using supplies found at home, garage sales, or thrift stores. Gardens projects made with tires and tin cans are just the beginning!

Note: Just ensure that anything your teen makes has good drainage so the plants can thrive (example: make draining holes in the bottom of the tin cans).

Main Photo Credit: William Klos Via Flickr