All About Fall Foliage

In this video Frankie talks about fall colours! Here is a breakdown of the basics:

  • When daylight hours are long trees produce chlorophyll which keeps them green.
  • When daylight hours become shorter and the temperature is cooler, the tree goes into dormacy and stops producing chlorophyll. This is when you get bright fall colours such as red, orange and yellow.
  • Since fall colours are based on daylight, you will find that the farther north you go, the greater the colour change because the daylight hours are shorter.

Sumac Trees

  • Produce a brilliant red, fall foliage.
  • It has berries on the top that are great for sumac tea.
  • Be careful planting this tree in your garden as it has the tendency to take over.

Red Maple

  • Produces a fire engine red fall foliage.
  • Great tree to plant in your garden/landscape as it is going to purify the air, is tolerant of pollution and will reduce your air conditioning costs in the summer because of the shade that it provides.

Sugar Maple

  • This is where the fall oranges come from.
  • If you buy a farm or travel up to Algonquin Park you are likely to see them.
  • You can tap these in the spring for maple syrup.

Norway Maple

  • Known as the 'garbage maple' because it is fast growing and invasive.
  • The branches and leaves also aren't as sturdy, which can be dangerous when snow and ice lay on top of them, as the weight causes them to break easily.
  • Stay clear of planting these!


  • A beautiful tree that gives you red colour.
  • Oaks hold their foliage well into the winter, allowing them to be on display longer.
  • Produce acorns which squirrels will plant all over the place.

Burning Bush

  • It is a broadleaf evergreen which means it will keep its foliage for quite awhile.
  • Make sure that if you are going to plant it in your garden that you get the dwarf version.
  • Be careful as rabbit and mice tend to eat burning bush.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea (Alice)

  • Produces brilliant, spectacular colour and is a great contrast to evergreen.
  • Not as good with the flower power as regular hydrangeas, but will keep its colour well into the fall.
  • Interesting fact: Frank's mom is named Alice!

So get out with your family and enjoy all the colours fall has to offer!