Breath Easy when Gardening!!

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Breathe easy when gardening!  My allergy confession! 
*This post is in partnership with REACTINE® and I have been compensated for my involvement. All opinions are my own.
Did you know gardening is second only to walking in terms of popularity of outdoor leisure activities?  My goal has always been to get more people to garden; in full transparency although my family does own/operate garden centres, the goal isn’t selfish as I truly feel gardening has so many benefits.,.  Outside of beautifying your property, gardening makes you healthier.  Gardening keeps you active, gardening helps you grow fresher foods and science has proven gardening makes you feel better through the release of Serotonin (a  chemical and neurotransmitter in the human body that is believed to regulate mood and social behaviour).  
Spring is garden season and spring is seasonal allergy season!  In an effort to help more Canadians get out and garden, I’ve partnered with REACTINE®.  You see, I suffer from allergies and I’m allergic to mainly 2 things:  grass and cats!  When you’re Canada’s Garden Expert you spend a lot of time around lawns and thankfully Reactine helps me live a better life outdoors all garden season long!  When I cut the lawn I use Reactine, when I prune I use Reactine, truthfully have you ever seen me sneeze while doing a garden segment on TV?  
Now here as Canadians we can have some fun!   If you are like me and suffer from seasonal allergies, you might agree that we need a better way to express ourselves in this digital world (ie. An emoji to text our friends) REACTINE® understands how terrible it is to suffer from allergies and they have helped create a petition on to get us our allergy emoji! But we need your help go to and sign the petition!
In the upcoming weeks check out both @askfrankieflowers Facebook page and @frankferragine Instagram and Twitter for more information on allergy season and ways to make gardening easier in 2018. For more information on REACTINE® check out on twitter @ReactineCA, or  REACTINE® is available everywhere and on Here’s to great days outdoors in 2018!!
P.S. This season if your allergies are driving you mad tweet me @frankferragine and use the #AllergyFeels #SufferNoMore hashtags!!
My son Matheson!