Easy By Frankie Flowers Introduces Geranium Calliope

Two types of geranium on one plant! The Easy by Frankie Flowers Geranium Calliopes are cross between and ivy (trailing) and zonal (upright) geranium. The benefit is that you get is the big blooms of a zonal geranium with the trailing habit and drought tolerance of a ivy geranium. Calliope will withstand the hottest, driest summer conditions and even survive when your forget to water them as you jet off to your cottage for the weekend!!  With huge double velvety blooms and glossy foliage, Calliope are perfect for pots, hanging baskets, gardens and above all attracts butterflies and hummingbirds!!  A forgiving plant that will survive when summer makes you forgetful!!

How far apart do you plant them? Plant 12" apart (30 cm)

How tall do they grow? Grows 12" to 15" tall (30 - 38 cm)

What type of soil? Well-drained soil, high in organic matter. Use potting soil in containers

Where to plant? Use in garden beds, borders or pots.

Tricks of the trade – Removing spent flowers to promote more blooms!

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