Easy by Frankie Flowers Introduces Salvia Evolution

An All American Selections winner so that means this is one great plant! The Easy by Frankie Flowers Salvia Evolution Blue is one of the easiest of all blue flowering annuals, the reason is that it’s a member of the mint family that will not take over your whole garden!  Almost totally disease and pest free Evolution blue is a no-fuss plant in fact no deadheading is required for all season colour.  Evolution blue will provide continuous colour from planting all the way thru to a killing frost.  A fantastic sun loving plant for container and gardens!!  One last thing; the flower spikes can be cut, dried and enjoyed indoors too!!

How far apart do you plant them? Plant 12" apart (30 cm)

How tall do they grow? 16-20” (40-60cm)

What type of soil? Well drained, rich soil high in organic matter. Use potting soil in containers.

Where to plant?  Use in garden beds or borders.

Tricks of the Trade- Remove spent flowers to promote more blooms.

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