Easy by Frankie Flowers Introduces Whopper Begonia

My goal is to make gardening easy for everyone! The Easy by Frankie Flowers Whopper Begonias are one of my favorite easy plants for shade and its a bigger and better begonia.  Whopper Begonias grow big up to 60cm (2ft) height and similar in width.  They produce huge cluster of blooms that can be seen from far away!  The colour last all growing season and above all they are easy to grow.  From patio pots, to mass plantings in the garden this glossy foliage plant with big blooms never disappoints!  Out of all my plantings last year Whopper was by far my favourite!! Grow your easy garden this summer with Whopper Begonias.

Flowering period - End of May to October.

Spacing - Plant 50cm apart (20")

Height - Grows up to 60cm (2ft)

Soil and water - Best in rich, well-drained soil. When needed, water in morning not mid-day.

Uses- Use in containers, borders, garden beds or hanging baskets.

Growing tips - The Whopper's like their space, and will easily out compete smaller annuals, so plant them in masses with enough space for them to grow nice and big!  

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