Easy by Frankie - Introduces Taishan Marigold

An award winning Marigold named after the Taishan Mountain in China, it’s name means stability in Chinese and true to it’s name. Taishan Marigolds are a safe, stable choice for any gardener. These large flowering African marigolds are with compact habit bloom continuously from Spring to well into late fall, in fact I’ve even seen the flowering in December some years!! These marigolds are the perfect plant for pots, garden beds and borders.  In 2008 Taishan Marigolds where the feature plant of the 2008 Beijing Olympics!!  

How far apart do you plant them? Plant 12" apart (30 cm)

How tall do they grow? Grows 10" to 12" tall (25 - 30 cm)

What type of soil? Marigolds grow well in almost any soil!

Where to plant? Use in beds, pots or borders.

Tricks of Trade - Remove flowers when planting this will produce bushier plants with more flowers!

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