Easy Gardening

On this segment on Breakfast Television, Frank give some tips for easy gardening. Annual: A plant that will only grow one year (example: Pansies) Perennial: A plant that will survive the winters and come back year after year (example: Hellebore) Plants to be cautious with? Those perennial plants with weed in their names like Bugleweed and Goutweed. Great starter product for kids to grow flowers - Flower Magic by Miracle Gro. Each mix contains premium annual flower seeds; Miracle-Gro plant food; and coir compost to help protect seeds during germination. For over seeding your lawn: Wait a few weeks until the soil temperature is 15C. Rake the area and sprinkle the grass seed so it has contact with the soil. Scott's EZ seed combines Scotts® high performance seed, premium continuous release fertilizer and Scotts® super-absorbent growing material. The growing material absorbs water and expands to surround and protect seed from drying out and dying out. Fertilizer releases over time to ensure quick establishment and long term feeding.  Seed before or during the rain and then reseed again 3-4 weeks later for a thick lawn. See this link for more on overseeing: http://frankieflowers.com/frankie-flowers-overseeding-lawns-thicker-hair/ Early spring is a good time to apply corn gluten to prevent weeds seeds from germinating. You have to wait at least 4 weeks after applying corn gluten before reseeding your lawn with grass seed as it will also prevent grass seed from germinating.