Fall Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Checklist: 

1.  Keep mowing:  Ideal height is 2 1/2" (6cm), if you lawn is too long, grass blades may fold over and harm your lawn.  

2.  Remove leaves or mulch leaves:  Leaves will restrict light and mat down threatening to kill you lawn.  If mulching leaves, use a mulching blade on your mower, the key is to see more blades of grass         than mulched leaves.  

3.  Apply a fall fertilizer with a high first number aka Nitrogen.  This will increase sugars in blades of grass and help protect them from extreme cold temperatures.  My favourite lawn fertilizer for fall is             Scotts Turf Builder Winter Care Fall Fertilizer 32-0-10.

4.  Mushrooms growing?  This is often a sign of rotting tree roots or wood underground.  They will not harm your lawn.  

5.  Winterize your lawn mower. 

6.  Winterize your irrigation. Blow lines out.  


Frank Ferragine (aka Frankie Flowers) talks about fall lawn care on this Cityline segment including; how to feed and repair your lawn, great new lawnmowers, choosing the right grass seed and how to beat the weeds.  Get your lawn ready for winter!