Fertilizers can be a confusing thing...so many numbers…so many options which will work best for you.

First off plants only need to be fertilized when they are actively growing..so now is the time to start. The three number in fertilizer stand for 3 different things, NITROGEN, PHOSPHOROUS and POTASSIUM. The first number nitrogen is for stimulated green growth, the second phosphorous is for strengthen roots or promoting flowering and the last number Potassium is for general health of a plant. So at a time when your looking to green up your lawn look for a slow release granular fertilizer that is high in the first number like 20-0-5 and for just general fertilizing of all plants both indoors and out I recommend 20-20-20 a water soluable that has always brought my garden success . In the world of fertilizers remember it all about the numbers and the type of plants your feeding. With the garden report I’m CityTV’s Frankie Flowers for 680news and 680news.com