Five Things to Do in Your Flower Garden In July

1. Water and fertilize containers as needed. Test the soil moisture in containers and hanging baskets, lift the container. If it needs water, it will be light to lift, if it doesn’t, it will be heavier. If you have used a slow release fertilizer like Miracle Gro’s Shake n’ Feed, you won’t have to fertilize for up to 4 months.  TIP: Don’t forget to make arrangements to have them looked after if you are planning to go on vacation.

2. Use responsible watering practices for your garden. Push your finger into the soil to feel for moisture. If you feel moisture within the top 1-2 inches of soil, you won’t have to water. The best way to water is with a soaker hose. This will direct water to the roots of the plants, and not onto the leaves which can lead to disease.

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3. Keep your gardens as weed-free as you can, taking special care to remove weeds before they produce seed. Removing weeds is easiest to do after a rain fall when the ground is softened. If you haven’t added or topped up your mulch, make sure to do to it now as this will help to control weeds by up to 90%!

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4. Fertilize fast growing perennials about once every four weeks until midsummer with a balanced fertilizer.

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5. Cut flowers and bring them indoors to enjoy. Gently shake them off or rinse to dislodge any insect hitchhikers. If there are still bugs, you can spray them with a mix of natural dish soap and water before bringing them in.  TIP: For longer lasting cut Hydrangeas, dip the tips of the fresh cut stems in hot /boiling water for 30 seconds. Do this immediately after cutting them from the plant and they will last much longer!

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