Flowers That Last At The Cottage

In this Cityline segment, Frank gives us some tips for flowers that last at the cottage during the week (or flowers at home while you are at the cottage).

  • Add punches of colour with  these bright and colourful containers from Terra Greenhouses.
  • Look for large containers that have a larger soil capacity.
  • Self watering containers are great as they have a reservoir to hold water for a few days
  • Use moisture control potting soil like the one  featured by Miracle Gro.
  • Add a slow release fertilizer to feed your plants all season long.
Look for drought tolerant plants that don't need constant watering including these:
  1. Classic Palm - Adds a tropical feel. Keep away from windy areas or areas where deer can eat them. Thorny plants are usually deer resistant.
  2. Look for plants with waxy or glossy leaves, they tend to be drought tolerant, as well as those with tuber roots.
  3. A great foliage plant for shade is the Kong Mosaic coleus.
  4. For full sun, a very drought tolerant annual with daytime sensitive flowers (they are in bloom in the sun only) is purslane
  5. The classic geranium - a hardy plant indeed!