Frankie Answers Your Garden Questions

Frank Ferragine (aka Frankie Flowers) answers viewer's garden questions in this Breakfast Television segment.

Garden Question: My spreader got stuck and spilled fertilizer on my grass, what do I do?

  • It is best to always fill the fertilizer spreader on a patio or driveway where all spills can be easily swept up and so they don't wash away into local waterways.
  • Rake as much of the spilled fertilizer up from the lawn as possible and then add lots of water, to the area to dilute it.
  • If/when the grass in the area dies off, rake up the dead grass and reseed the area with grass seed. Late August through to mid-September is a great time to seed patches in your lawn, and to over seed your lawn and build it up for next season.
  • For more information on over seeding your lawn see:
  • For more information on using a fertilizer spreader see:

Garden Question: My lettuce has grown spikes with flowers. What should I do?

  • When lettuce gets old, or during periods of hot weather, it will bolt - growing spikes/flowers. This causes the lettuce to turn bitter, and although it is still edible, it does not taste good.
  • Cutting off the bolts will not help.
  • Harvest lettuce before the summer heat hits for best taste.
  • You can reseed lettuce later on in the summer to grow for a fall harvest.
  • For more information of harvesting vegetables see:

Garden Question: My tomatoes have black spots/bruises on them, are they ok?

  • When the conditions are right (heat and moisture) late blight can develop in tomatoes.
  • This ruins the tomatoes and can affect the entire plant.  It is best to pull the effected plant out to slow down the spread to other tomato plants.
  • Look for tomatoes with "VFN" on the tag, which are tomatoes that are virus free.
  • For more information on Tomato Blight see:

Garden Question: Japanese Beetles are eating my basil! How do I get rid of them?

  • Japanese beetles are active this time of year. The best thing to do is to pick 'em and squish 'em.
  • Traps work, but they attract them, so keep them far away from the plants you are trying to protect.
  • Mid to late august is the best time to apply Nematodes to your lawn to kill off grubs, which are the larval stager of the Japanese Beetles.
  • For more information see:

Original Air Date: August 21st, 2015