Frankie's Allergy Confession Part 2


Frankie’s allergy confession #2 - How to have an epic summer season!


*This post is in partnership with REACTINE® and I have been compensated for my involvement. All opinions are my own.



My friends at REACTINE® asked me to share my allergy confessions to raise awareness for the thousands of Canadians suffering through seasonal allergies. 


So here it goes – confession #2.  


In confession #1, I disclosed I’m allergic to cats and grass.  Pretty crazy that a passionate gardener, outdoor enthusiast and animal lover is allergic to both grass and cats!  REACTINE® has always been there to ease the sneeze of my allergies but in this confession, I have to tell you… I don’t cut my lawn.  


Two years ago, I made the decision to hire someone to cut my lawn.  That someone is my old high school friend Curtis.  He’s done a great job.  The reason why Curtis is cutting my lawn is not because I hate cutting grass or because I’m too allergic to cut my own grass; the reason I have someone cut my lawn is because it gives me more time to garden!  More time to do the activity I’m most passionate about!  


To live an epic summer season, I feel you should do what you love most, and you should especially not let your allergies get in the way of doing that!  If you’re an allergy sufferer like me, the best piece of advice I can give you is to take an effective allergy medication that will manage your symptoms 24 hours a day. I take REACTINE® because it relieves my nasal allergy symptoms, and it allows me to do the things I love to do! 


My other piece of advice to living an epic summer season is all about prioritizing your time. Sometimes you need to invest in your passion and free up time.  Having Curtis cut my lawn was an investment and it has taken away from some of my summer spending dollars. However, it’s allowed me more time in my garden and more time spent with my family.  In fact, I feel it’s the best money I’ve ever spent – in addition to my REACTINE®, that is!


Spring, Summer and Fall, AKA the growing seasons, move fast for Canadians and we need to enjoy the season to its fullest potential.  With the help of REACTINE®, I breathe easier because it relieves my nasal allergy symptoms throughout the season. And with the help of my high school friend Curtis, my lawn looks great –  and so to do my gardens because I actually have the time to work in them!!



If you are like me and suffer from seasonal allergies, you can buy some Reactine on Amazon today:


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