Frankie's Home Gardening Tips

Watch this Breakfast Television segment and learn how to take your landscape from doom to gloom!

Frankie's tips:

iScape - A great app that allows you to take a photo of your house or garden and add flowers, shrubs and landscape features overtop so you can try out different styles and looks.

Stay away from Boston Ivy - The look may be regal, but the ivy can tear away at your siding and window sills.

Big Trees - Trees are wonderful and every home should have one, but be careful where you put them. Too close to the house can block sight lines, create security hazards and can get into cracks in your foundation, making them worse!

Clearing the weeds between stones and interlock can be done with a weed torch (do not use on wood!), Weed B Gon or Pathclear.

Don't block windows and door ways with overgrown shrubs. Read the labels to see how big they will get and plant far enough away from foundations and walkways. Pruning shrubs can be done carefully on your own or by hiring a professional through Landscape Ontario.

Plants have a lifespan. When they start to look old a tired, look to divide, prune or replace them.

Three of the biggest things you can do you immediately improve your curb appeal are:

Create a defined edge around your garden

Add mulch

Add colourful annuals