Grass Seed 101

Frankie Flowers answers all your questions about overseeding for a thick and healthy lawn that out competes weeds!

Why Overseed Your Lawn?

Over-seeding a lawn helps improve its look and health.  Overseeding thickens grass and by doing so reduces weeds by filling in any empty spaces in your lawn where weeds might grow. 

What Type of Grass Seed Should I Buy?

Purchase a grass seed formulated for the amount of light your lawn receives.  Full Sun mixes for 6+ of direct afternoon sun, shade mixes for morning sun only, filter light (trees overhead) or under 4 hours.  Note nothing grows in the dark – well expect for mushrooms. Buy a good quality grass seed such as Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seeds that have a mix of grass types.

When is the Best Time to Seed or Overseed a Lawn?

The best time to seed is in spring (May -June) and early fall (Late August  - September).  In spring don’t broadcast seed to early.  Grass seed germinates best when soil temperatures are above 17° C (62° F).

How Do I Overseed?

  1. Rake and remove debris such as leaves from the lawn.
  2. Aerate the lawn
  3. Top dress with a good quality soil.
  4. Broadcast seed as per instructions on the bag. This can be done by hand or by using a spreader
  5. Lightly rake with a fan rake, note grass seed needs contact with soil to germinate.  An ideal planting depth is just 2mm or (1/16 of an inch).      
  6. Water, never allow seeded area to dry out but do not over water.  Too much water can harm the seeds. 

How Often Should I Overseed my Lawn? 

Over seeding a lawn really depends on the health of your grass. You can overseed throughout the growing season as necessary, but avoid hot and dry weather as the seeds will have a hard time getting established.

Frankie, What Products Do You Recommend for Overseeding?

Grass seed: Scotts Turfbuilder Overseed Mix (2-4-2) – A feed and seed all in one! 

For repairing patches: Scotts EZ Seed

Soil for topdressing (smaller areas, for large yards, bulk is best): Scotts Enriched Lawn Soil