Growing to Give

Frankie Flower's Mission for 2016  is GROWING TO GIVE!

2016 is a year of opportunity for me to help others. People need to know they matter and today more and more people are suffering from depression and mental illness. This is a reality that shocked my family in 2015. For the first time in our family history one of our family members took his own life, a family member who was a friend, a mentor and a caring, loving guy. In 2016, I would like to honour him and others who have been affected by mental illness and depression.

I’m not a doctor, a psychologist nor am I any sort of medical professional, but I do know how to grow plants and I know how to grow food.  I personally feel gardening can improve a person’s mental health, I’ve seen the benefits and numerous scientific studies support gardening benefits overall physical and mental health.  I believe our bodies are connected engines that need to be properly fueled by good nutrition.  I believe access to a source of freshly grown food is key to an individual’s overall physical and mental health.  Good food makes you feel good and gives you the energy to break thru the chaos of this crazy world.  I believe people should garden and try their hands at growing their own food. 

Growing your own food is a process with a very rewarding end result.  For children, helping to grow their own food makes them a part of this process and motivates them to eat more fresh produce.  This is the way to grow healthy, motivated children who are connected to nature.  My children love growing something they can eat; Gavin loves picking herbs fresh out of container and my youngest Matheson, loves to eat a freshly picked, vine ripened tomato!

In 2016 my mission will be to get as many people as possible to grow something they can eat. This could be a few water cress seeds sprouted in a paper towel, herbs in pot or a full fledge family vegetable garden. In March, I will be launching my new book called “Food to Grow”.  Shortly after that I hope to build a rooftop farm on Toronto’s #1 shopping destination - Yorkdale Shopping Centre.  This farm, called Elevated Eats, will be a place to educate people of all ages on growing their own food, but most importantly the food grown can be donated to local food banks. I will set up fundraising packages for schools that don’t sell chocolate bars but rather seeds to encourage families to grow their own food.   I will also be open to projects of all shapes and sizes that help to grow food. For Frankie Flowers, 2016 will be the year of GROWING TO GIVE!