High Tech Garden Tools

In this Cityline segment, Frank and Winston look at high tech gear for outdoor living. 

1. Husqvarna Automower

This automatic mower cuts your grass for you! No worries about theft, if someone picks it up and takes it off property an alarm will sounds and it shuts down and cannot be activated again without a personalized security PIN. Quiet operation and zero emissions.


2. Edenapp

On demand app similar to Uber that connects you to insured, professional landscapers for on-demand snow removal and lawn cutting services.


3. Fine Life Outdoor Speaker and Lantern

Bluetooth enabled speakers and lighting so you can play music in your patio and yard.


4. Netamo

This personal weather station gives you indoor and outdoor temperatures, measures real time weather and indoor pollution and sound levels.

5. iScape App

An iPad app that allows you to take a photo of your yard and drag and drop different plants and landscape features to see how they will look.


6. Peak LED Lighting System

This system lights up your handrails with many colours and can even be synced with your music!


7. iGrill

Measures the internal temperatures of food while you barbeque, alerting you on your phone when the desired internal temperature has been reached.


8. Zepp Tennis Racket Sensor

A sensor that fits on the bottom of your tennis racket that analyzes your swing and provides feedback on how to improve it.