How to Snowshoe

There are plenty of activities to do in the winter, but one of my favorites is snowshoeing, especially through the local forests. Throughout the winter I am fortunate enough to lead group snowshoe hikes through the York Regional Forests as part of their Nature's Classroom program (offered free to eligible groups). Historically, snowshoes were created by various native cultures to make moving through deep snow easier, long before the invention of snowplows and snowmobiles. Traditional snowshoes they were built with wood and animal skins and could get very large, heavy and cumbersome. Today's snowshoes are much easier to use, made from wood and a combination of steel and synthetic materials. They are smaller and more agile, and most importantly, lighter! When the snow is deep, the right pair of snowshoes will make walking in winter much more easier and enjoyable.

In this "How 2 in 2" video, I show you a simple introduction to snowshoes. If you are looking to purchase a set for yourself, I love the variety and quality that is offered by Faber (a Canadian company).

 - Aileen