How to Stake Your Vegetable Plants

During a Cityline episode, which aired on June 8, 2015, Frankie shared with us products and ideas to stake your vegetable plants.

  • If you grow your own vegetables, you are more likely to eat them.
  • Where you place your vegetable and fruit plants  in your yard is important. Frank explained that you want them as close to the door as possible so that they can be easily accessed.
  • Staking your vegetables and fruit plants not only helps your plants grow better, but also reduces the chance of disease.
  • A trellis is ideal if you have limited space as then you can plant a vertical garden.
  • Make use of old pantyhose with tears in them by using them to stake and support your plants.

The tomato cage  in this episode is from Loblaws and the rest of the items can be found at Bradford Greenhouses or your nearest garden supply store.