Lawns Early Spring FAQ's

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What are the top 5 lawn questions in Early Spring?


Q: When should I seed or over seed a lawn? 

A: Grass seed will not germinate until soil temperatures warmup.  In fact the best soil temperature for grass seed to germinate is just over +15c.  Do not apply seed to early, grass seed will blow away and sometimes be eaten by birds.  You can take the temperature of your soil by using a cooking thermometer - I use one we purchased at the Dollar Store. 


Q:  How do you control Crabgrass?  

A:  Crabgrass is an annual weed germinating from seed.  Stop the seeds from germinating and you stop crabgrass.  The best way to suppress weed seeds from germinating is to apply Scotts Weed Preventer with Corn Gluten in early spring.  Corn Gluten coats weed seeds and prevents their germination.  After application of Corn Gluten you cannot seed your lawn for 6 weeks.  The key is the timing of application.  Corn Gluten should be applied in early spring, when weed seeds are dormant and before plants are actively growing.  If dandelions are flowering you are too late to apply corn gluten.  


Q: How do you prevent lawn damage from Skunks, Raccoons and Moles.  

A. Skunks, Racoons, Moles are tearing up your lawn in the search for grubs.  Grubs are the larvae stage of June / Japanese Beetles and rodents love to eat them.  Get rid of grubs, and you prevent rodents from damaging your lawn.  The best way to control grubs naturally is using nematodes.  Nematodes should be applied to your lawn in late Spring / Early Summer and can be purchased from your local garden centre.  


Q:  Should I put seed down or sod down? 

A: Grass seed is best when:  Topdressing and Over seeding a lawn to improve health.  Grass is the most affordable way to start a lawn from scratch however you will get more weeds when starting from seed.  Sod is best when you are fixing patches, have a small space or want immediate coverage. Often sod is your best option when putting a lawn on a slope.  For small areas I always say sod is the best.  


Q:  I have brown spots on my lawn from my dog, what should I do?  

A:  Brown circular patches on your lawn are caused by generally female dogs acidic urine.  Their pee, burns the grass.  Some dietary changes can reduce the damage a dogs pee will have and supplements are available.  To fix a dog spot, first rake the area to remove dead grass and loosen soil, secondly apply Scotts EZ Seed Dog Spot Repair Seeding Mix (, finally keep moist to stimulate seed germination.  Finally enjoy.  The Dog Spot Seeding Mix contains Scotts best grass seed, plus gypsum to help repair areas in your lawn burned by dog urine.