Save your Hibiscus!!

What a year for hibiscus!  I grew one of my favourites of all time (picture above) and now I want to save it for years to come!  Here are the steps: 

  • If planted in a garden, pot hibiscus in a container using container soil, insure pot has drainage.  

  • Before bringing indoors, spray both top and underside of leaves with insecticidal soap like Scotts Bug B Gon.  

  • Place in a bright room with a south or west facing window away from any heat vents or radiators.  

  • Reduce watering and only water when dry. Over watering is the #1 killer.  Be warned most tropical plants will drop some of their leaves while adjusting to indoor light levels.  Do not react by watering.  

  • Do not fertilize until March, daylight hours are getting short and indoor plants don’t need as much nutrients.  In mid March begin feeding by applying a water soluble like Miracle Gro Ultra Bloom 15-30-15

  • Add a humidifier to your home, increasing humidity helps plants in winter and will help you breath easier too!!

  • Bring back outdoors in late Spring after risk of frost has past.

  • When brought outdoors prune by 1/3 of overall growth, increase watering and apply regular fertilizer.

Frankie (: