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Frankie's 5 Easy Shrubs

Shrubs are an essential part of any garden. They add architecture and structure, provide bird habitat, multi-season interest and they are one of the easiest things to grow.  Here are Frankie's favourite five easy shrubs for your garden.

1. Serviceberry (Amalanchier canadensis)

Six Easy Indoor Plants

Remember the ’70s, when indoor plants filled every square inch of people’s homes, often hanging in macramé planters? Well, greenery is making a comeback big time, but in a stylish and modern way! Update the look of your plants by changing up the pots. Find shapely ceramic containers, woven baskets or wood-panelled boxes to show off your pretty greens. Simply place the plant’s plastic pot into these vessels for a clean and tidy look.

Easy Ways to Learn Bird Songs

You often hear birds more than you see them, so how do you know what birds are hanging around? You can figure this out by learning the bird songs. Each bird species has its own call or song to communicate with other birds. Learning the different bird calls takes a lot of practice, but you can start with learning some easy bird song mnemonics. These are patterns in the song that help you remember which song belongs to which bird. You associate words or phrases to certain bird calls to make them easier to learn and to remember.

Easy by Frankie - Introduces Taishan Marigold

An award winning Marigold named after the Taishan Mountain in China, it’s name means stability in Chinese and true to it’s name. Taishan Marigolds are a safe, stable choice for any gardener. These large flowering African marigolds are with compact habit bloom continuously from Spring to well into late fall, in fact I’ve even seen the flowering in December some years!! These marigolds are the perfect plant for pots, garden beds and borders.  In 2008 Taishan Marigolds where the feature plant of the 2008 Beijing Olympics!!  

10 Easy Barbecue Hacks

Here are 10 easy  barbeque hacks to get the grilling season off to a great start:

1. Soaking the skewers in water for about 10 minutes, before you put the meat on them, will eliminate them from burning. 

2. The best, natural way to clean your barbecue is with an onion. Cut your onion in half and rub it downwards on the heated grate.


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