Local Goes a Long Way

It’s no secret that I love local. In fact, I’m biased towards locally grown and produced food. My family is a mix of Ontario flower growers and Ontario farmers. I know first-hand the care, love, effort and professionalism that go into our locally grown food in Ontario.

Truly, “good things grow in Ontario.”

Frankie’s Food Trivia

Frankie Flowers serves up some food trivia to the guest chefs in this CityLine segment which aired on July 14th. How well do you know your veggie facts? Put the video on pause will you try Frankie’s food trivia to see how you fair against Tracey and the Chefs!

10 Tips for Harvesting Your Vegetable Garden

By now your vegetable garden will be in full swing production.  Here are some tips for harvesting your vegetable garden for the best results... and taste!

Frankie's 10 tips for harvesting your vegetable garden:

1. The best time to harvest zucchini  is when they are 10-12 inches long. They lose taste and texture as they get bigger.


2. Harvest carrots when they are 1- 2 inches in diameter at the top where they peak through the soil.

10 Easy Barbecue Hacks

Here are 10 easy  barbeque hacks to get the grilling season off to a great start:

1. Soaking the skewers in water for about 10 minutes, before you put the meat on them, will eliminate them from burning. 

2. The best, natural way to clean your barbecue is with an onion. Cut your onion in half and rub it downwards on the heated grate.


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