Time to Talk Tomatoes with Frankie Flowers

The taste of a juicy tomato freshly plucked from the garden is one of my favourite summer-gardening moments. Undoubtedly the world’s most popular fruit grown in the vegetable garden, tomatoes come in all shapes, colours, sizes and flavours. From cherry tomatoes, slicers and plum tomatoes, to colours of red, yellow and purple – believe it or not, all require the same growing conditions. Here are some quick tips to get your perfect tomato garden growing this summer.

Sweet on Peaches and Corn

If you’re sweet on sweet corn, go hug an Ontario farmer. It’s corn season in the province, and sweet corn growers have worked longer and harder this year than most to ensure the crops survive. The good news is sweet corn thrives on about an inch of rain a week or approximately four inches a month. A mild spring got corn seed sown early but a hot dry summer, which many are calling the worst drought in a quarter-century, has had Ontario sweet corn farmers working overtime laying several thousand feet of irrigation lines and desperately watering their crops almost daily.

Don't Stress Over Meal Planning

What’s for dinner tonight? It’s a request many of us get every day. A call that sets the tone for your night, a call that can add a trip to the grocery store or a dash into the pantry, a call to get our cooking smarts into motion even when we’re immersed in a day already full with work, family, traffic and just about everything else thrown our way. The dinner decision is a vital one — we’ve all heard the studies, like the recent one from the Harvard Medical School, which reports the chances of being overweight are 15% lower among those who eat dinner with their family.

Rabbit Meat Well Worth a Try

When I think of Easter, I think of rabbit. No, not in the sense of the fantasy Lutheran character known as the Easter Bunny — but the rabbit that you eat. And, yes, I have eaten a fair bit of rabbit in my time. It started with my childhood, of course, where all things of this nature become memorable affairs. Take for example the spring of 1980 — my dad came home with two live rabbits, and, after a few weeks in our makeshift rabbit pen, two rabbits became six, and then six became 12 and so on.


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