Frankie Flowers at Canada Blooms

Canada Blooms 2017 March 11 to March 19th

Frankie Flowers hits the stage at Canada Blooms to tell you what's on trend in the world of gardening and landscaping.  Beyond being trendy Frankie will also teach you how to use recycled materials in the garden, how to hire trusted and verified landscape professionals as well as answering any and all of your gardening questions.  


March 17th - 1pm Main Stage - Tropicals and Indoor Plants 

March 17th - 3pm Garden Market Stage - The Recycled Garden 

March 18th - 12pm Main Stage - Landscape and Garden Trends 

Barrie Spring Garden and Home Show @ Garden Gallery

Frankie Flowers hits the stage at the Barrie Spring Garden and Home Show from 3pm-3:45pm to talk about the Recycled Garden.  


The Recycled Garden - Whether you have a lush oasis or a planter garden, Frankie Flowers will demonstrate how to keep your flora growing while reducing your impact on the environment. Frankie explains how to re-use items from around your home into your garden and ways to incorporate recycled rubber products made from Ontario tires into the design.


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