Education at Elevated Eats!

Elevated Eats is a food growing test farm located at Yorkdale Shopping Centre that will grow fresh food for donation to local food banks. As part of this initiative, we have developed curriculum based education materials for Primary School teachers.

Here is a list of the activities we have available. If you would like to receive any of these, please email for more information and an order form.

How to Control Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie is a perennial, creeping weed that thrives in moist, shady area areas and in areas of stressed turf due to poor nutrients, compaction or thin grass. Also known as Ground Ivy, it has scalloped shaped leaves and small purple flowers.  Because it is a perennial weed (comes back every year) and its ‘creeping’ nature, it is hard to pull so controlling it may take some time. The key to battling Creeping Charlie, and other lawn weeds, is to maintain a strong, healthy lawn. Weeds don’t chase the grass out, they merely grow where the grass won’t.


Your tulips are just about to bloom, your tomatoes are plump and ready to harvest and your apples are almost to perfection and then it happens just as you turn your head and sometimes in the darkness of night a thief steals your dreams of the perfect garden season!! Mother Nature’s critters come in so many shapes and sizes some a cute - squirrels, some are stinky –skunks and some come straight from our homes –cats.

Urban Test Farm Launched at Yorkdale

This year I had a mission to motivate Canadian’s to grow their own food as a part of that mission I’m pleased to launch  Elevated Eats at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, an urban farm that will serve as an educational resource for area youth. The plots are contained in crates that can eventually be relocated to a larger growing area at Yorkdale after this first growing season.

When Can I Plant Outside?

We get a lot of emails at Frankie Flowers asking about when is it safe to plant outdoors, but it all depends on the type of plant. Trees and Shrubs can be usually be planted when the ground has thawed. Perennials are best planted in the first year after the risk of heavy frost has passed, and they will be fine each year after that, as perennials overwinter and grow back each spring.


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