Grass Seed 101

Frankie Flowers answers all your questions about overseeding for a thick and healthy lawn that out competes weeds!

Why Overseed Your Lawn?

Over-seeding a lawn helps improve its look and health.  Overseeding thickens grass and by doing so reduces weeds by filling in any empty spaces in your lawn where weeds might grow. 

Deer Resistant Plants

Deer are lovely to see, but when they get into your garden, they can wreak havoc in a very short time! Deer can jump very high, so fencing isn't always an option, especially if you are on a large lot. There are some tactics to keep them at bay, such as leaving fragrant soap shavings in your garden and motion detecting sprinklers and lights, but sometimes they just keep coming! Sometimes it might just be easier to plant a garden that deer don't want to eat in the first place! Keep in mind, if they are desperate, they might eat on anything to stay fed!

6 Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own food is an easy and rewarding way to get outside and be happier and healthier.  Here are just a few great reasons to grow your own food.

1. Science shows, it’s Healthier

Studies show that homeowners who grown their own fruits and vegetables are healthier than their counterparts who don’t garden.

Will My Garden be OK After the Ice Storm?

Many people are worried about what will happen to their trees, shrubs and plants after the ice storm. Its early spring and some plants have started to peak out of ground and buds have formed on trees and shrubs. Will they be affected by the ice storm? There are many factors that play a role in how bad the damage will be, but the quick answer is that plants are tough and most will survive just fine. Below is more information on what to expect.

EASY by Frankie at Canada Blooms

These plants a have been chosen by Frankie because they are easy and they look great! This collection of trendy plants are low maintenance and do not need a lot of watering, so you can spend more time enjoying these plants, and less time worrying about them. Start with just one,  put a container together will a 4 or 5, or  grab one for every room of the house, there are so many benefits to having indoor plants including cleaner air for you and your family.

Caring for Orchids

In this episode of Cityline, Frankie shows us how to care for orchids, including how to make them rebloom!

Here is a summary:

The easiest type of orchid is the Phalaenopsis  or Moth Orchid

Orchids grow on trees in the rain forest, so for best results you want to try to replicate those conditions which includes:

Growing to Give

Frankie Flower's Mission for 2016  is GROWING TO GIVE!

2016 is a year of opportunity for me to help others. People need to know they matter and today more and more people are suffering from depression and mental illness. This is a reality that shocked my family in 2015. For the first time in our family history one of our family members took his own life, a family member who was a friend, a mentor and a caring, loving guy. In 2016, I would like to honour him and others who have been affected by mental illness and depression.


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