What Happens to Your Plants in a Warm Winter?

We have seen some unseasonably warm weather this winter so far, even with some record breaking temperatures.You may be seeing some growth in your garden as a result, maybe even a few blooms, but there is no need to panic just yet. Typically plants suited to this climate zone can handle a bit of wacky weather. They require a long period of cold, freezing weather before they will start to grow or bloom.

All About Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a Christmas classic, but did you know that there are now over 50 different varieties of poinsettias?

They are heat sensitive, so protect them when taking them home from the garden centre and don't leave them in your cold car while you finish your Christmas shopping!

Poinsettias are not poison to humans, but they will make your pets very sick, so keep them out of reach from your cats and dogs.

The coloured parts of the poinsettia are not actual flowers, just leaves with different pigmentation

What To Do With Your Containers in the Winter?

Over wintering perennials, shrubs or trees in containers is never a sure thing, and what works one year, may not work the following year.  When in the ground, plant roots freeze for the winter and stay frozen all winter long until the following spring when the ground thaws. When they are in a containers, they may go through several freezes and thaws over the course of the winter, which is what kills the roots - and then the plants.


Amaryllis is one of the easiest flowering plants to grow indoors.

Amaryllis kits come with the bulb, soil and pot  - everything you need to grow one and ready to bloom.They require direct, natural light, but don't put them directly in front of a window where it will be exposed to drastic temperatures through the winter.

Six Easy Indoor Plants

Remember the ’70s, when indoor plants filled every square inch of people’s homes, often hanging in macramé planters? Well, greenery is making a comeback big time, but in a stylish and modern way! Update the look of your plants by changing up the pots. Find shapely ceramic containers, woven baskets or wood-panelled boxes to show off your pretty greens. Simply place the plant’s plastic pot into these vessels for a clean and tidy look.

Eight Essential Tools for the Garden

CityTV garden and weather expert Frankie Flowers on all the tools you need to grow!

In the world of gardening there are as many types of tools as there are gardening tasks. For weeding alone, there are tools to dig, burn, kill, scrape, hoe and even store weeds! I admit that, being male, I’m preconditioned to love tools—they help ease the pain of gardening—but how many do we really need? And who has the space to store them all? On my list of essential gardening tools, there are only eight items—they’re all I really need to get by in the garden.


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