All About Fall Foliage

In this video Frankie talks about fall colours! Here is a breakdown of the basics:

  • When daylight hours are long trees produce chlorophyll which keeps them green.
  • When daylight hours become shorter and the temperature is cooler, the tree goes into dormacy and stops producing chlorophyll. This is when you get bright fall colours such as red, orange and yellow.
  • Since fall colours are based on daylight, you will find that the farther north you go, the greater the colour change because the daylight hours are shorter.

Sumac Trees

Building a Pollinator Garden

Bee on Coneflower

The Frankie Flowers Inc. offices are located in a beautiful historic house situated in the middle of a forest. We love it here! The building is also home to the Windfall Ecology Centre, an environmental-based non-profit group.  A large pile of mulch was donated last year for Windfall's demonstration rain garden. The leftovers sat for a while, killing all the grass underneath. They were not sure what do with the space once the mulch pile was moved.

Frankie's Top 10 Plants for Fall

Fall is a great time for colour in your garden. Here are Frankie's top 10 easy plants for fall.

1, Asters – You can choose native, annual or perennial asters for your fall garden and they come in a large variety of bold colours.

2. Caryopteris - This small to medium sized shrub bursts with stunning light blue flowers in the late summer/fall that the pollinators love! A real eye catcher in the garden that is low maintenance and drought tolerant!

Six Tips for Your Lawn and Garden in a Drought

Water is a precious resource, a fact made very apparent during a drought. Here are six tips to help your lawn and garden get through a drought, without wasting water.

1. Use Mulch

If you haven’t already added 2-3 inches of mulch to your gardens, now is the time. Mulch prevents weeds, reduces soil moisture loss, and keeps soil, and roots, cool. Roots can stop working if the soil gets too warm, making it even harder for the plants to handle the drought. Mulch is a must have for every garden!


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