Easy by Frankie - Introduces Taishan Marigold

An award winning Marigold named after the Taishan Mountain in China, it’s name means stability in Chinese and true to it’s name. Taishan Marigolds are a safe, stable choice for any gardener. These large flowering African marigolds are with compact habit bloom continuously from Spring to well into late fall, in fact I’ve even seen the flowering in December some years!! These marigolds are the perfect plant for pots, garden beds and borders.  In 2008 Taishan Marigolds where the feature plant of the 2008 Beijing Olympics!!  

Easy Gardening

On this segment on Breakfast Television, Frank give some tips for easy gardening. Annual: A plant that will only grow one year (example: Pansies) Perennial: A plant that will survive the winters and come back year after year (example: Hellebore) Plants to be cautious with? Those perennial plants with weed in their names like Bugleweed and Goutweed. Great starter product for kids to grow flowers - Flower Magic by Miracle Gro.

Which Flowers Last Longer Indoors?

Looking for a potted flower that will last longer than a few days? Frankie Flowers shows us some great options on this Cityline segment.

Tulips: They will not last longer than a few days. Once the potted tulips are done blooming, they cannot be planted outdoors, they are for the compost pile.

Kalanchoe - A drought tolerant succulent plant that will last 4-6 weeks in bloom indoors.

Ranuculus - Shorter bloom time of only 3 weeks indoors Orchids - The longest lasting indoor blooming plant.

How to be Healthier Indoors this Winter with Tropical Plants

How can you be healthier indoors this winter? Tropical plants are the key!

We are in the dark days of winter with wind chill, extreme cold, and of course snow. I don’t know about you, but during the winter I have less bounce in my step, I lack energy and my skin is so dry! Winter impacts both our immune systems and our mental state. There is some hope; that tropical plant you just walked by at the Garden Centre is the “green hero” of the winter happiness and health meter and here’s why:

Fall Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Checklist: 

1.  Keep mowing:  Ideal height is 2 1/2" (6cm), if you lawn is too long, grass blades may fold over and harm your lawn.  

2.  Remove leaves or mulch leaves:  Leaves will restrict light and mat down threatening to kill you lawn.  If mulching leaves, use a mulching blade on your mower, the key is to see more blades of grass         than mulched leaves.  

5 Things you Need to do to Rid your Gardens of Squirrels!

Squirrels! They snip off our petunia blooms, chew your tomatoes, and tear through your pots. I often joke that local garden centres employ squirrels to destroy tulip bulbs so that people will buy more, but in fact they can be a real nuisance when it comes to gardening, including your prized containers. Firstly, you need to understand squirrels; they are not a pain on purpose they just want to eat. The chewing, tossing, digging and tearing are just a squirrel's effort to find their next meal.


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