Time to Talk Tomatoes with Frankie Flowers

The taste of a juicy tomato freshly plucked from the garden is one of my favourite summer-gardening moments. Undoubtedly the world’s most popular fruit grown in the vegetable garden, tomatoes come in all shapes, colours, sizes and flavours. From cherry tomatoes, slicers and plum tomatoes, to colours of red, yellow and purple – believe it or not, all require the same growing conditions. Here are some quick tips to get your perfect tomato garden growing this summer.

Find Peace in the Garden

There’s nothing better for your soul than growing a garden. Countless studies have shown the positive effects gardening has had on both physical and mental health, not to mention the nutritional benefits of growing your own food. In fact, several additional studies have proven gardeners who grow their own food eat more fruit and vegetables than their peers. After-school gardening programs have seen students’ willingness to try unique foods increase — in fact many of the students in these studies have said the foods they’ve had a hand in growing just taste better! Can anyone grow a garden?


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