Ontario Horticulture and Floral Related University & College Programs

Interested in horticulture and flowers? There are many horticultural and floral related university and college programs offered in Ontario. There are many options for short courses, certificates, degrees or diplomas. If you are looking to make a career out of your plant passion, or learn a bit more in your free time about the wonderful world of plants, there are many options available:

Algonquin College Horticultural Industries Diploma CO-OP (2 years)-

Don't Blame the Weatherman!

Frank Ferragine Weatherman

In this video Frankie tells us all about the science of weathercasting and how it is not a 100% science. Frankie often jokes that the only 100% weather guarantee he will provide is the fact that it will be light in the morning and dark at night! There are various models that weathercasters use to check the weather including the global model, the North American model and the European Model, which can forecast different weather predictions.

Weather Jokes

Here are some weather jokes to tickle your funny bone!

Q: How do hurricanes see? 

A: With one eye!


Q: What did one lightning bolt say to the other lightning bolt?

A: You're shocking!

Easy Ways to Learn Bird Songs

You often hear birds more than you see them, so how do you know what birds are hanging around? You can figure this out by learning the bird songs. Each bird species has its own call or song to communicate with other birds. Learning the different bird calls takes a lot of practice, but you can start with learning some easy bird song mnemonics. These are patterns in the song that help you remember which song belongs to which bird. You associate words or phrases to certain bird calls to make them easier to learn and to remember.

Outdoor Games for Kids

Getting kids outdoors can be a challenge, but it is worth it. When kids spend time outdoors, there are so many benefits for them including less stress, better attention and creativity and increases physical activity.  Spending time outdoors as a family is priceless!  In this CityLine segment, Frank shows us some do-it-yourself outdoor games for kids for the backyard, a local park or while camping.    

Weeding Your Neighbourhood of Criminals

By Special Guest Blogger Constable Thomas McKay, Peel Regional Police

Your first robin, the Masters, a warm sunny day, I can only be talking of one thing of course--the welcome onset of spring. For most of us, the warm weather means spending more time outdoors and in particular in our gardens. Unfortunately, the same is true of criminals, as they seek out criminal opportunities in your neighbourhoods and around your home.


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