7 Tips for Keeping Warm Outdoors in Winter

I work with Frank, applying my background in both biology and marketing, to help him with his goal to make it easier to get people to grow, eat and live outdoors. This is something we are both very passionate about (and one of the reasons we have remained friends since we were teenagers!). When I am not working with Frank, I lead nature hikes in the York Regional Forests, most of them in the winter, and often at night.

Children's Mental Health and the Great Outdoors

In honour of World Mental Health Day I thought I would share with you some facts about children’s mental health and the great outdoors. Getting kids active is a big problem in Canada, with a study reporting that only 12% of Canadian children are getting the proper amount of daily physical activity. This is something that needs to be improved greatly and I hope that these tidbits of information will inspire you to get your kids outside and moving!


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