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Garden Hacks You Need to Know!

Frankie shares simple garden hacks like how to make your own citronella candles and how to stop the bunnies from eating your seedlings.

1. To get rid of mice, moles and voles, bury an empty wine bottle unto the ground, with just the top 1-2 inches stick out. The wind will pass over the bottle and cause it to vibrate, which will drive the rodents crazy so they leave!


Urban Test Farm Launched at Yorkdale

This year I had a mission to motivate Canadian’s to grow their own food as a part of that mission I’m pleased to launch  Elevated Eats at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, an urban farm that will serve as an educational resource for area youth. The plots are contained in crates that can eventually be relocated to a larger growing area at Yorkdale after this first growing season.

Plants That Take Over Your Garden

In this Cityline segment, Frankie shows us which plants are garden bullies and should be avoided to keep your gardening, easy! Watch out for plants described as fast spreading or vigourous growers and have weed or creeper in the name as they can take over your garden and spread to local natural areas, taking over and ruining ecosystems.





Garden Q and A

Frankie answers viewers questions in this segment of Breakfast Television,  including questions on when to put lawn seed down and ideas for blocking out a neighbour's unsightly back yard!

Grass Seed 101

Frankie Flowers answers all your questions about overseeding for a thick and healthy lawn that out competes weeds!

Why Overseed Your Lawn?

Over-seeding a lawn helps improve its look and health.  Overseeding thickens grass and by doing so reduces weeds by filling in any empty spaces in your lawn where weeds might grow. 

Gardening Checklists

Please download our seasonal gardening checklists. We're here to help you through each seasonal transition by lending our experienced insights to your home gardening ventures. We hope you enjoy these checklists. If you have any suggestions, or feedback, please contact us so we can help keep things up to date.

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