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Five Reasons Why You Should NEVER Garden

Here are some reasons why you should never garden, despite the fact that it is a "growing" trend.

1. Gardening will make you go outside.

Although it is possible to grow plants indoors, the majority of gardening activities require you to go outside. You will have to get off the couch and go outside where you will be exposed to such things as sunshine and fresh air. To top it off, you will get some exercise and may not even realize it.

Growing Your Own Vegetables - Early Spring Checklist

If you want to start growing your own vegetables, here is a checklist of things you can do in early spring to get started.  Growing your own vegetables has many rewards, but it takes a lot more effort than hitting the produce section at the grocery store. If you are a novice, don't let your stomach do the planning because it is your back that will end up doing the work. Frankie Flowers early spring checklist for vegetable gardens:

7 Tips for Keeping Warm Outdoors in Winter

I work with Frank, applying my background in both biology and marketing, to help him with his goal to make it easier to get people to grow, eat and live outdoors. This is something we are both very passionate about (and one of the reasons we have remained friends since we were teenagers!). When I am not working with Frank, I lead nature hikes in the York Regional Forests, most of them in the winter, and often at night.

Save your Hibiscus!!

What a year for hibiscus!  I grew one of my favourites of all time (picture above) and now I want to save it for years to come!  Here are the steps: 

  • If planted in a garden, pot hibiscus in a container using container soil, insure pot has drainage.  


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