Tips for Easy Gardening

One of the most important things to the team at Frankie Flowers is to help make gardening easy for everyone. We want you to love gardening as much as we do! Here are some tips to help you with easy gardening:

1. Plan Well

Whether it’s a high tech landscape design plan, or some chicken scratch on a piece of paper, it is important to plan for easy gardening ahead of time.  Look for inspiration online or around the neighbourhood. Get an idea of what you like and where you want it.

Easy Garden Tips:
  • Place herbs and veggies close to your patio door so when you are making your favorite recipe, you won't want to have to go far to get your fresh herbs and veggies.
  • Keep plants and shrubs away from areas near sidewalks. They can quickly become targets for dog marking and can get damaged from snow piles in the winter.
  • Take caution placing large shrubs near entrances that could be a security issue late at night and avoid tall plants on boulevards that block sightlines for pedestrians or backing out of your driveway.
  • Leaving small and awkward areas of grass will make mowing much more tedious. Plan for easy mowing routes.

2. Prepare Your Garden

Good soil is the most important part for easy gardening.  Amending your soil with organic matter such as compost or garden soil will give your  garden a successful start, improves soil texture (better drainage),  increases water holding capacity and air flow (less disease), and adds nutrients. Great garden soil should have the texture of chocolate cake.

Easy Garden Tips:
  • Using thick black plastic to solarize grassy areas in sunny areas. This takes time, 4-5 weeks depending on the sun and heat,  but when done right, it will "cook" all the weeds and grass. When you are finished, and remove the black plastic and you can start your new garden weed and grass free!
  • If amending existing gardens with soil, don't worry about turning or tilling the soil. The earthworms and rain will do the work for you. Tilling only needs to be done in heavily compacted areas and only to get a new garden started.

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3. Put the Right Plant, in the Right Place

How do you know? Read the tags to start. Pay attention to how much sun your easy garden gets, how much moisture in the area from things like down spouts or run off, and other conditions like wind, traffic and snow fall and salt in the winter. Make sure to read the sizes on the plant tags so you can give your new easy plants the right amount of space to grow.

Easy Garden Tips:
  • Use trees and shrubs for easy gardening.  Think of your garden like decorating a room; the trees are the walls of a room, the shrubs are the furniture and the plants are the important accessories that add personality, colour and style to your room.
  • Choose water efficient, disease and insect resistant plants. If you want to go away for the weekend you shouldn’t have to worry if your plants will survive or not! (Easy by Frankie annuals are great options!)
  • Not a fan of deadheading? Use coloured foliage plants and shrubs to add season long, and easy colour to your gardens and containers.
  • Plants like Goutweed  and Periwinkle can quickly take over your garden, and nearby natural areas, without your permission!  Choose well behaved, non-invasive plants.

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4. Protect Your Garden!

Once you have planted your garden, proper maintenance is important to protect it from weeds, disease and other pests.

Easy Garden Tips:
  • Adding 2-3 inches of natural mulch like wood chips is the best way to protect your garden. Mulch reduces the amount of weeding and watering you will have to do in your garden and it protects the roots from extreme temperatures common in  with Ontario weather.
  • Water properly by watering the roots, not the leaves and stems. A soaker hose or a watering can are the best ways to water your garden.
  • Pull weeds after rain. The softer soils makes pulling weeds easy!

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