Think Spring for your Fall Gardening

Create: 10/23/2015 - 01:38

Fall is a great time to get your garden ready for the spring. Frank talks to Dina about what to do in the fall, for a great garden next spring.


Make sure to pull those weeds! If you leave them they will come back bigger and better next spring and some can go to seed and make more weeds!


Don’t prune spring blooming shrubs like Lilac, Magnolia and Forsythia in the fall. Wait until after they bloom in the spring to prune as next year’s blooms are already formed on the branches. For hydrangeas – if you have the pink or blue flowering type, those are macrophylla and they bloom on old wood. Cut off the spent flowers, but not the branches this fall. You can prune and dead or dying branches, anytime. Hydrangea small If you have white (or mostly white) hydrangeas such as Annabelle, Limelight or PeeGee, those grow on new wood, so you can cut them back now, or in the spring.


You can cut perennials down now, but leave 6-8 inches at the bottom to catch snow and help insulate the roots. For perennials like Echinacea or Black Eyed Susan’s, you can leave the whole plant up over the winter so the birds can feed on the seeds. Ornamental grasses and Autumn Joy can also be left to add winter interest for you garden.

LIttle Bluestem in winter


Fall is a great time to plant perennials and bulbs…and garden centres have great sales on! If you have a squirrel problem, don’t buy tulips because they love them. Try Daffodils which they won’t eat, or you can lay chicken wire over the tulip bulbs so the squirrels can’t get to them.