What Are The Best Plants for Indoors?

Indoor plants in your home add beauty, help clean the air, and make you happier!

Looking for the right plant to start with, or a new one to add to your collection? Here are five of my favourites!

  1. Peace Lily - For low light. Air purifying with white flowers.
  2. ZZ Plant - Probably the easiest indoor plant to grow. Low light and drought tolerant.
  3. Sago Palm - An easy palm, drought tolerant and loves a bright room!
  4. Spider Plant - Air purifying and you can pull off the baby plants and re-root them for new plants!
  5. Pothos - A trailing plant that is super easy to care for. Grows in low light.

p.s. If you are wondering where my head is I wanted to make the plants the stars of this piece.  Plants are stars I'm just a guy who loves gardening!