Which Flowers Last Longer Indoors?

Looking for a potted flower that will last longer than a few days? Frankie Flowers shows us some great options on this Cityline segment.

Tulips: They will not last longer than a few days. Once the potted tulips are done blooming, they cannot be planted outdoors, they are for the compost pile.

Kalanchoe - A drought tolerant succulent plant that will last 4-6 weeks in bloom indoors.

Ranuculus - Shorter bloom time of only 3 weeks indoors Orchids - The longest lasting indoor blooming plant.

Primula - Can be planted indoors and outdoors in part shade to shade. Bloom time is about 4 weeks and they are frost hardy.

Tete a tete Daffodils -Small daffodils for spring. Can be planted outdoors after blooming but may not always survive.