Winter BBQ Tips

Just because its winter doesn't mean you have have to give up your barbeque! Frankie has some winter barbeque tips to help you safely enjoy your grill, all year long!

  1. Check your Barbecue: Make sure to check all connections before starting. Cold temperatures and snow loads can loosen hoses, connections and other parts, becoming a safety risk.
  2. Clear the Area: Make sure the cooking area is free from snow and ice so you can safely move about without worrying about tripping or slipping.
  3. Be Patient: Colder temperatures mean slower pre-heat and cooking times. Factors such as wind and air temperature will effect cooking times. Consider a meat thermometer to make sure your food is cooked thoroughly.
  4. Extra Fuel: Having extra fuel available such as charcoal or propane is a good idea for the longer cooking times needed for winter grilling. You don't want to run out half way through cooking that perfect steak.
  5. Barbeque in a Safe Place: NEVER cook in a garage or under a shelter. It is good to have your barbeque out of the wind, but not if this means having it  close to fencing, overhangs or  other materials that can melt or catch fire if the barbeque gets too hot or if a gust of wind blows the flames farther than expected.
  6. Dress Properly: It is important to dress warm for the cold winter weather, but it is also important to dress safely when cooking outdoors. Scarves, mittens and oversized coats can easily catch fire if they get too close to the flames.
  7. Don't Peek: Keep your barbeque lid closed as much as possible. Too much peeking in the cold weather will really add to your cooking time.
  8. Keep it Simple: With the longer cooking times and colder weather, keep your barbeque menu simple; choose foods that do not take a long time to cook - 30 minutes or less.

Barbecuing with propane? Check out some propane safety tips from the Canadian Propane Association.