All About Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a Christmas classic, but did you know that there are now over 50 different varieties of poinsettias?

They are heat sensitive, so protect them when taking them home from the garden centre and don't leave them in your cold car while you finish your Christmas shopping!

Poinsettias are not poison to humans, but they will make your pets very sick, so keep them out of reach from your cats and dogs.

The coloured parts of the poinsettia are not actual flowers, just leaves with different pigmentation

Some of the varieties featured in this segment include:

  • Love You Pink
  • Electric Orange
  • Sparkling Punch
  • Jingle Bell Rocks
  • Cortez Burgundy
  • Marbella

Do you have an existing poinsettias that you want to get to rebloom? You can, but it requires a very strict schedule of light and dark each day. It will need to be in complete and total darkness for a minimum of 12 hours a day to trigger the bloom. Here is a link for more information: