Caring for Orchids

In this episode of Cityline, Frankie shows us how to care for orchids, including how to make them rebloom!

Here is a summary:

The easiest type of orchid is the Phalaenopsis  or Moth Orchid

Orchids grow on trees in the rain forest, so for best results you want to try to replicate those conditions which includes:

  • bright light, but not near a window
  • good airflow
  • not a lot of water (1-2 ice cubes per week)
  • humidity
  • special soil (use orchid soil if repotting)

These orchids will bloom for a few months, but then they will drop the blooms. To get your orchid to rebloom, you need to stress the plant. Stop watering and fertilizer for a month and reduce the amount of light it gets until the leaves start to yellow. At this point you can wake it up and resume with fertilizer and the ice cube watering method and move it back to a brighter area. The plant will soon start to send up new shoots which will bloom.

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