Don't Blame the Weatherman!

Frank Ferragine Weatherman

In this video Frankie tells us all about the science of weathercasting and how it is not a 100% science. Frankie often jokes that the only 100% weather guarantee he will provide is the fact that it will be light in the morning and dark at night! There are various models that weathercasters use to check the weather including the global model, the North American model and the European Model, which can forecast different weather predictions. Along with this there is also the timing model (when certain weather patterns will happen) and the accumulation model (how much precipitation (snow or rain) we will receive from a certain weather pattern. These 2 models present a worst case scenario approach, which means that what is forecasted on them will in most cases be the maximum amount of a certain weather pattern we will receive (so if it says we are going to get 11 cm of snow, this is probably the maximum amount of snow we will receive, meaning that it is just as likely that we get 8 centimetres of snow, 2 centimetres of snow, etc.). So now that you know about the science of weathercasting, don't shoot the messenger! They are doing the best they can.