EASY by Frankie at Canada Blooms

These plants a have been chosen by Frankie because they are easy and they look great! This collection of trendy plants are low maintenance and do not need a lot of watering, so you can spend more time enjoying these plants, and less time worrying about them. Start with just one,  put a container together will a 4 or 5, or  grab one for every room of the house, there are so many benefits to having indoor plants including cleaner air for you and your family.

How Often to Water Your Succulents?

The succulents store water in their fleshy leaves and stems, and their thick waxy skins reduce the water lost into the air (transpiration). They are from desert areas, which get occasional downpours that quickly drain away, instead of frequent light showers. Following this watering schedule at home will keep them happy. In the winter months, you shouldn't have to water your succulents more than once a month. Throughout the year, you only need to water once the soil in the pot has dried out.

Other Tips to for Your EASY by Frankie succulents:

  • Use a pot with drainage at the bottom. If you have a favorite pot that doesn't have drainage holes, make sure to empty any standing water after watering. Standing water will rot your plants and eventually kill them,
  • Use proper soil for cacti and succulents, which will typically have sand in the mix. Heavy soils will gold too much water and not enough air to keep the succulents happy.
  • Keep your plants in a sunny location of your house. They will be happiest with consistent temperatures, so keep them away from heating or cooling vents, or drafty areas.
  • If you want to put your succulents outside when the weather warms ups, do it slowly, a few hours of sun each day. Putting them outside in the sunshine, all day long may lead to sunburned leaves.

Look for EASY by Frankie indoor succulents at Canada Blooms at the Jill Jensen booth!