Frankie’s Food Trivia

Frankie Flowers serves up some food trivia to the guest chefs in this CityLine segment which aired on July 14th. How well do you know your veggie facts? Put the video on pause will you try Frankie’s food trivia to see how you fair against Tracey and the Chefs!

Frankie’s Food Trivia:

  1. It’s thought that this food originated in Peru, where the Aztec name meant plump thing with a naval.
  2. You can’t freeze this, dry this, or pickle this vegetable.
  3. What leafy green has been referred to as Silver Beet, Spinach Beet, Sicilian Beet, Leaf Beet, Chilean Beet, Sea kale Beet, White Beet, Strawberry Spinach and Romaine Kale?
  4. On average, around the world, people eat about 33 kilograms of this each year, while Australians eat a whopping 60 kilograms each year!
  5. This vegetable (although technically a fruit) was cultivated in Central and South America around 3000 BC. In 1493, Christopher Columbus brought seeds back to the new world from Europe.
  6. One of the earliest known uses of this root vegetable was as a aphrodisiac during roman times.


  1. Tomato. The tomato is the number one plant grown in the vegetable garden, worldwide.  It is easy to grow and also has cancer fighting properties.
  2. Lettuce. The average North American eats 30 pounds of Lettuce (AKA Rabbit Food) every year.
  3. Swiss Chard. After harvesting, Swiss Chard regrows making it ideal and very rewarding in small spaces.
  4. Potatoes. Potatoes are a member of the nightshade family, along with tomatoes, but don’t plant them together in the garden!
  5. Peppers. Hot pepper seasoning is the oldest and most used worldwide.
  6. Beets. Beets contain high amounts of Boron, a component of sex hormones related to reproduction.