Improve Your Lawn Soil

Improving your lawn’s health starts at the bottom, the soil.  Our lawn soil isn't always the best for growing a strong, healthy lawn so it is important to top dress with a soil amendment. Adding Scotts® Turf Builder Enriched Lawn Soil will improve your lawn soil so you can grow grass thicker and faster than with existing topsoil.  For starting a new lawn, remove all dead grass and weeds and mix 1 inch of Scotts® Enriched Lawn Soil with your existing soil and seed or lay sod.  Use Scotts® Turf Builder Enriched Lawn Soil when overseeding your lawn by spreading 1/8” to ¼” over the existing lawn to help germinate and feed the seeds and feed your grass. Spread grass seed so it has contact with the soil, water frequently, and fertilize.