Ontario Horticulture and Floral Related University & College Programs

Interested in horticulture and flowers? There are many horticultural and floral related university and college programs offered in Ontario. There are many options for short courses, certificates, degrees or diplomas. If you are looking to make a career out of your plant passion, or learn a bit more in your free time about the wonderful world of plants, there are many options available:

Algonquin College Horticultural Industries Diploma CO-OP (2 years)- http://bit.ly/1Na09s9

Durham College Food & Farming Diploma (2 years)- http://bit.ly/1IlvIxq

Durham College Horticulture Technician Diploma (2 years)- http://bit.ly/1hjKXy1

Fanshawe College Landscape Design Advanced Diploma Program CO-OP (3 years)- http://bit.ly/1MNg9CZ

Fanshawe College Horticulture Technician Diploma CO-OP (3 years)- http://bit.ly/1IHUl4t

Fanshawe College Integrated Land Planning Technologies Degree CO-OP (4 years)- http://bit.ly/1Naz9s1

Humber College Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship Certificate (24 Weeks)- http://bit.ly/1DqMtsj

Humber College Landscape Technician Diploma (4 Semesters)- http://bit.ly/1DqMFbb

Humber College Floral Design Certificate (3 Courses)- http://bit.ly/1W24iE2

Mohawk College Horticulture Technician Apprenticeship (2 Semesters)- http://bit.ly/1IXRc71

Niagara College Floral Design Certificate (Part-Time)- http://bit.ly/1IXTlQj

Niagara College Horticulture Technician Diploma CO-OP (2 years)- http://bit.ly/1DuVd0u

Niagara Parks School of Horticulture (3 years)- http://bit.ly/1IXRyup

Ryerson University Landscape Design Certificate Online/In Class- http://bit.ly/1eTBlID

Sault College Landscape Techniques- Environmental (1 year)- http://bit.ly/1ORbTQj

Seneca College Environmental Landscape Management CO-OP (2 years)- http://bit.ly/15n8zfa

Seneca College Floral Design Certificate (8 Months)- http://bit.ly/1MbxpBU

St. Clair College Landscape Horticulture Diploma (2 years)- http://bit.ly/1MPuRs8

St. Lawrence College Landscape Gardener Credential (7 Courses)- http://bit.ly/1Mbvv46

University of Guelph Associate Diploma in Horticulture (2 Years)- http://bit.ly/1gamVom

University of Guelph Horticulture Technician CO-OP/Diploma (2 years)- http://bit.ly/1NaBG5A

University of Toronto Master of Landscape Architecture (5 Terms)- http://bit.ly/1DqRfGn